Direct marketing – newsletter good practices

Newsletter / E-mail marketing although known for many years, it is still not used by many brands in an effective manner. Driven content to your subscribers, can shape them into your future customers. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve this.

Building a mailing list

Recipients data, which is formed by persons wishing to receive messages via e-mail – usually done through online application form. As a result, the probability of opening of the newsletter by such a person is much higher. Segmentation database will enable you to match content to the interests of individual users.

Of course, there are also actions that should be avoided. Avoid buying a list of email addresses – it is against the law!

Creating interesting content for our newsletter

Preparing a good newsletter is essential. If you deliver content uninteresting and nothing will stand out – believe me, no one will read them. How to prepare one that will interest and elevate indicator of Open Rate.

1. A catchy subject

If your recipient opens the newsletter sent by you, that’s half the battle. It is worth it to encourage this activity by reducing the number of characters to a minimum and the use of the communication features distinctive package. After all, you have to motivate them to take action!

2. Create a newsletter

When designing a template, be sure to fit the current trends and behavior of the individual elements – must form a coherent whole.
Placement of graphics and content also affects interaction by the user. The most important information should be placed at the top of the page.

3. Using Call-To-Action

Newsletter is a form of communication in which the emphasis is on current information to subscribers about new products, promotions or events associated with the brand.

Redirected to the appropriate website will allow your recipient to explore the information that appeared in the email message. The purpose of this activity is simple – to bring conversion. How to take care of it, to increase click-throughs? Bet on the big Buttons to encourage the transition to a website. Make the Call To Action, such as: check, find out more.

Let your subscribers turn into a customer!

4. Sending

Sending is simple, but… Take advantage of the full potential of your tool and see additional options. One of them is to plan delivery. Some programs used for direct mail offer option for Perfect Timing. Thanks to this the newsletter reaches subscribers at the most appropriate time for them. The tool calculates the “best time” by using historical data.

How to track campaigns of this type? Package information you need can be found here >>> click


When you create a newsletter, think of your recipients expectations – think of what you pay attention to and what motivates you to open the message. Adjust content to the target group – take care of the language. Do not be afraid to experiment! Check the settings of tools to handle the mailing and follow current trends.

Do not let your competition get ahead of you.

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