Why email is the most important tool for effective online communication?

Email is a form of advertising, the wheel that cannot be ignored.

It is delivered in one of the most private parts of the network, which is your email inbox.

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent his first text message and from that moment email has been with us almost every day. Most people cannot imagine living without email.

This fact alone decides that email is becoming very personal channel of communication between your company and the customer. Because sending large quantities of messages is inexpensive and return on investment can be very large. Companies who put their trust in the system like FreshMail or MailChimp can achieve impressively high results.

There is no other channel to reach the customer that builds a relationship with them and at the same time would offer a return on that level. In addition, there is no other channel, which is used the first or the last act of what we do during the day. Most of the e-mail owners visit their inbox at least once a day.

No matter how small or large trader you are, e-mail is a tool for you.

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