When writing e-mail keep this in mind to avoid errors

See the most common errors in e-mail. Learn how to avoid them.

1. E-mail subject

Email subject it’s like a preview of what will happen next. It would tell to your recipients, what is the message about. Often determines its opening. One of the footwear brand sent their e-mail that encourages the action “Discount -50% on some shoes! Take advantage!”

2. Punctuation

When writing try to remember the punctuation marks. Applying the principles of correct spelling, protect us not only from mistakes but also will help improve interpretation what the author of the message meant. We should use not only dots and commas, but the correct spelling. Read the text aloud, or ask friend for opinion, this could solve our problem.

3. One big dense text

Too long message is unreadable. When writing, split threads using paragraphs. E-mail communication is fast. Paragraphs should not be longer than 3-4 sentences. If you have to provide some more information, for example: features, or problems, write them in the form of a list.

4. Late reply

The general rule is 24 hours. It is within this time, the client should receive a response.

5. Good manners – is the basis

Most of all always remember about greetings and saying goodbye. Honorifics testify about you and they are an expression of respect for your recipient. Just type “Hello” and “Regards”.

6. Angry recipient

There is probably nothing worse than a bad recipient of our message. Often our e-mail client suggests us who we want to write to … and not always does it well. Getting an email from a client we send it to another employee with a comment. Sometimes by mistake instead – forward, we click – reply. Before you send an email, please check twice to whom it is addressed.

Writing an e-mail, remember to whom you are writing it. Adjust the language and the tone of your message to the recipient. Never forget your manners.

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